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SERVICE, SATISFACTION & SINCEREITY, THE 3 'S' are the souls of AIREO - It is the Complete Travel solution.

It was introduced by Mr. Dipak Jayaswal under Jayaswal Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. In the year 2010. It was his vision to provide the Indian traveler with SUPERIOR quality Booking facilities. He ensured that the services of AIREO would be totally customer focused and would maintain their exclusivity. His objective was to make Tickets, Hotel bookings and Enjoyable Holidays more comfortable, more exciting, and most memorable and till, to a far extend he has succeeded. His passion is to CHANGE the entire scenario that existed in the Indian Market to increase the business to business portal scenario. Within a short span of time AIREO has revolutionized the entire travel industry. The CHANGE has taken place and AIREO has begun its journey to become the No.1 Travel Company in Outbound and inbound services.

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